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Easter Theme Day

On our Easter Theme Day Year 5 focused on The Last Supper. We found out about the origins of the Passover meal and the events of Maundy Thursday. The class then created symbols to represent The Last Supper using collage. During the afternoon, our class governor, Mr Drewett, visited and discussed the pictures with us. We shared some of our work at the church service on Thursday.
Picture 1
Picture 2 Tom
Picture 3
Picture 4 James
Picture 5 Carla
Picture 6 Jessie
Picture 7 Molly
Picture 8
Picture 9 Naomi
Picture 10
Picture 11 Toby
Picture 12 Rowena
Picture 13 Amy
Picture 14
Picture 15 Freddie
Picture 16 Jack
Picture 17 Bria
Picture 18 Martin
Picture 19
Picture 20 Thomas D
Picture 21
Picture 22 Thomas