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St John's has worked hard to achieve the Eco Schools  Silver Award, gained in Summer Term 2014 and we have started work towards our Green Flag award. Read about some of the things we have done.

Schools for Gambia – computer donations
Over the last 8 years we have donated old computers and related ICT equipment e.g. printers, projectors, headphones… to a charity called ‘Schools for Gambia’. The charity ‘wipes/cleans’ and ‘refurbishes’ the computers which are then packed into a container (with other school related equipment that has been donated) to be shipped to The Gambia and distributed to schools around the country. The charity has built/renovated more than 15 schools throughout Gambia and furbished and equipped many from building/providing walls of buildings, chairs, tables, computers, pencils etc… The charity also is working with equipping hospitals and providing fresh water wells for villages, amongst other smaller projects like gardens for schools. 
This also links with our eco-school work, where recycling, global awareness and sustainability are key elements. 
Sarah Hogan
School Equipment Gambia Appeal

Thank you to everyone who donated towards our appeal for stationery - we had an amazing response!
Year 5 and 6 have been 'recycling' paper to make bags to fill with the stationery. Pupils in Year 5 have also written letters to the children. We managed to make up 56 bags which are now on their way to Gambia!
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