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Junior Road Safety Officers (JRSO's)

Your Junior Road Safety Officers for this year are:


Chloe, Kitty, Anna and Georgia


Our JRSO's work hard to encourage children to walk to school. They run two schemes, the Go for Gold scheme and the WOW scheme. Below you will find details of how you can join in.


Go For Gold

When you join the Go for Gold scheme you will be given a card to record your walks to school. The JRSO's will stamp your card every time you walk to school. When your card is full, you will be awarded a special badge and be given a leaflet which explains how to claim a reward. You may choose from a number of activities including a free swim, free entrance to Buckinghamshire Museums or a free session of bowling.

Take the leaflet with your stamped card, to the venue of your choice, to claim your reward.


WOW Scheme

We are also running the WOW scheme. Each month a different WOW badge is awarded to children who have completed 10 walks. The walks for each class are totalled each week and a trophy awarded to the class with the highest total. This year, the theme for the badges is America.


If you would like to join our schemes please see the JRSO's at the beginning of the school day. You will find them in their shelter by Reception.