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Mrs Freeman Year 2

Welcome to Year 2!


If you need to speak to Mrs Freeman, please make contact via the School Office or alternatively, send her an email to:

Year 2 Class Violin Lessons

Year 2 Class Violin Lessons 1
Year 2 Class Violin Lessons 2
Year 2 Class Violin Lessons 3
This week, Year 2 really enjoyed their first violin lesson with Mrs Laughton.

Year 2 Class Assembly

Our Year 2 class assembly was based on their topic work on Space. Invited parents discovered more about the work the children had been doing and were able to enjoy seeing various presentations including some colourful artwork.

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Picture 2
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Picture 11

Year 2 Travel to the Moon

Year 2 were very busy one afternoon, as they successfully launched Eagle 1 to the moon. The three astronauts where very excited about their mission and were supported by a skilled group of scientists working at Mission Control. Before travelling to the moon, each astronaut was put through their paces with an extensive medical and fitness test. 

Once fit for take off and the rocket had gone through it's final checks, the astronauts blasted off into space. After their moonwalk and planting the flag into the moon's surface, the astronauts returned safely to Earth, just in time to be collected from school.

Year 2 Word Mat