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Welcome to Year 2!


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Year 2 Class trip to Buckinghamshire Railway Centre


On Wednesday 10th May year 1 and 2 went to Buckinghamshire Railway Centre. I went to see Janice the big engine that was sent to South Africa. She is the biggest engine the railway centre has got. After we met Janice we went to the miniature train, in a few minutes we set off. On the way we saw characters from traditional tales.


After the train ride we went to a travelling Post Office. We saw how post was collected without a train stopping. Then we posted some for ourselves. We went back inside and sorted some letters out then we had lunch.


In the end we set off for the educational train it is a train for any schools and it had model toys and lots of other things like LEGO. I loved the toy railway it was a control railway. We went outside and headed for the coach and then went back to school.


It was a great day!


By Edward Young


On Wednesday 10th May me and Year 2 went to the Buckinghamshire Railway Centre. We went there all because our topic was Transport. When we got there I was excited. The sun was yellow and bright.


First we went on a train. The train had first, second and third class. It had comfy seats, a table, a place to put your suitcase and a hat stand. The tour guide told us that the train was used for Harry Potter films.


After that we saw a big steam train called Janice. She was enormous. Next we went on the miniature train. We saw lots of statues of toys. My favourite was the crocodile. When it wasn’t my go I was watching them come through the tunnel.


Before lunch we went to the travelling Post Office. We got to post letters. It was very fun. Last we went on the education train. It had drawings, LEGO, trains and much, much more! I had a great time. I can’t wait to go again.


By Zoe Sharp

Year 2 Violins


During the Spring Term our year 2 children have been learning the violin as a class. The lessons have been given by our strings teacher, Mrs Laughton and today a concert was held to show just how far the children had progressed. Year 2 performed in front of the school and the event was well attended by parents. The children demonstrated some of the games and activities that help them to hold their instruments correctly and they were able to show just how much they had learned in only a few weeks. It is hoped that after this taster session, many of the children will be inspired to take up an instrument in Year 3. During the concert, Year 2 were joined by some of the older children who learn stringed instruments at school.


Many thanks to Mrs Laughton for her work with the children.

Explorers Theme Week


Year 2 have been learning about Christopher Columbus and were interested in the boats he used to travel to The New World.  We took this idea to design, build prototypes and construct models of the three ships he set sail in for his first voyage across the Atlantic. 


They thought about the extra details such as the cannons to fight off any enemies and pumps to pump out water if the ships leaked (which they did a lot).

Lego club


We carried on the theme of explorers in Lego club where we built the ships that Scott of the Antarctic and Christopher Columbus sailed in.  The children spent a long time thinking about the shape of the ships and worked well together to make their finished build.



Year 2 have been experiencing life as Emperor Penguins. They were asked to look after an egg and make sure it did not touch the ground, especially when they passed the egg onto their partner.

We found out that the male penguins are in charge of looking after the egg and they do that for 2 months without food!  We had lots of fun and only a few eggs rolled away.

Bee Bot Tinkering


We all had a go at tinkering with Bee Bots. The children investigated what the different buttons controlled to help them understand how a Bee Bot functions. They then wrote their own algorithms to make the Bee Bot move in a square.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

Maths Problem Solving


The class were given a maths problem to work out the answer to. They used different methods and equipment to solve the problem and recorded their ideas in their maths journals.

Theme Week


Year 2 focused on the story of Pinocchio during Theme Week and looked at how some books have a message for use to learn.  We discussed at length the 'naughty' things Pinocchio did and the consequences of his actions.  We then wrote sorry letters  as Pinocchio to apologise for the bad behaviour. 

Story Boxes

Year 2 spent a number of weeks designing and making story boxes of traditional tales which they then got Reception to evaluate.  The Reception children enjoyed playing with the boxes and gave very positive feedback.



The children worked very hard to create different interpretations of poppies and other images linked with Remembrance. Ideas included different coloured crosses for different forces.

Picture 1

Class Assembly


Year 2 did a super job in their class assembly.   They told the rest of the school all about traditional tales and performed a very catchy song.

Well done to everyone involved.






Text Box: Look at all the exciting things we found on our nature walk.  
What can you see?

National Poetry Day


For National Poetry Day, following the theme of Messages, Year 2 looked at a poem called The Loch Ness Monster's Song by Edwin Morgan. It was written how the monster would speak and the children spent all morning translating and writing an English version of the song.