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Welcome to Year 1!


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Year 1 Class Trip to Buckinghamshire Railway Centre


Year 1 had a great day visiting the Bucks Railway Centre in Quainton.

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Explorers Theme Week


In Year One we have been rounding off our topic on Cold Places by learning about Captain Scott and his final trip to the Antarctic. The children helped to make a large model of Scott’s ship, we thought about the shapes of the sails that they could see and did some wonderful sketches of the ship. They thought about what Scott may have needed to take for his expedition and how the team carried their luggage and equipment. We looked at different ways of travelling on the snow and ice, then used our construction toys, lego, knex, mobile, clixi shapes to make snow vehicles. We took advantage of the windy day and went out, imagining that we had reached the South Pole and feeling the wind made us think about what it might have been like for Captain Scott and his men, out in the Antarctic for 4 months. The children have produced posters to tell us about Scott’s journey and invented their own Antarctic base camps, using blankets and other props. We have all enjoyed this week.

Theme Week


During our recent Theme week, Year One looked at fiction and non-fiction books.  The children worked in twos or threes to plan and make their own books.  They decided on a title, made a book cover and then worked together to make the pages.  The children worked hard and were very proud of their books, some  groups even managed to include contents pages.  They enjoyed sharing their books with Miss Henley's class as you can see on some of the photographs.  
The children then designed book marks, which Mrs Crook helped them to laminate and thread wool through.  At the end of the week, they were pleased to take their book marks to use in their books at home.
Finally, the children worked in small groups to set up book stalls.  They set prices, made labels and sold their books to each other.  The class became more familiar with coins and enjoyed their shopping afternoon.