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Mrs Robinson Year 3/4

Welcome to Year 3/4!


This term Mrs Robinson is on Maternity Leave and the class will be taken by Miss Henley (Mon.-Wed.) and Miss Hughes (Thurs.-Fri.)

If you should need to speak to either of the teachers, please make contact via the School Office or via school email:

Frozen Planet

Still image for this video
As you watch the clip make a note of any interesting things you see or hear. Using these, create 5 similes based on the clip.
Challenge - Can you create any metaphors?



Year 3 and 4 used different coins to make different amounts of money. We had to try and make 50p with as few coins as possible and then with as many coins as possible from the coins we had in our pile.

We then looked at some money investigations, where we had to do lots of different tasks with the coins

Theme Week

The children have been learning about David Hockney and his paintings.  Our class has concentrated on the painting called 'The Tunnel'.  It has inspired us to paint our own versions, model the painting by using various objects from the garden and playground, write stories about what could happen if we went down the tunnel which we acted out.  We have also made animals, which might live in such an environment, from clay and painted them.  Please look at photographs from our busy and enjoyable week.