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During our Spring theme week, the class looked at the first voyage of discovery of Captain Cook. We followed the route of his journey to Tahiti where he observed the transit of Venus. We then discovered that he had secret orders to look for a southern continent and followed his journey to New Zealand where he encountered the Maoris. After mapping both islands his voyage continued westwards where he anchored at Botany Bay then explored the east coast of Australia. Unfortunately, the Endeavour ran aground on the Great Barrier Reef so repairs had to be made ashore, this was where he met the aborigines of Australia. 

We used this journey as a basis for the Stop Motion Animations that we created. We also made clay Maori masks and tried the Aboriginal style of painting. In our Dance lessons we were 'Explorers' and Year 6 studied coral in their science lessons. Our photos show some of the things we did.

Food Technology _Designing New Products

Food Technology _Designing New Products 1
Food Technology _Designing New Products 2
Food Technology _Designing New Products 3
Food Technology _Designing New Products 4
Food Technology _Designing New Products 5
Food Technology _Designing New Products 6 The class made these flavoured houmous dips.

During food technology we have evaluated different flavours of houmous. After a tasting session, the most popular flavour was Sweet Chilli. The class then set about designing new products with some exciting new flavour combinations. Mint and cucumber was really cooling and much needed after the chilli and chocolate flavour! The honey houmous was unusual, but tasted great.

The class are now busy designing new packaging and adverts to go with their new products.


Many thanks to Mrs Lumsden who helped the children with their new flavours.

RE Theme Day

RE Theme Day 1
RE Theme Day 2
RE Theme Day 3
RE Theme Day 4
As part of our RE Christmas Theme Day, our class borrowed costumes from KS1 and recreated scenes from the story of the Nativity. Photographs were taken and then used to create slide shows and movies, telling the Christmas story.

Autumn Theme Week - Making Paper

Whole School Write - Scarecrows

Whole School Write - Scarecrows 1
Whole School Write - Scarecrows 2

Greek Topic Evaluation Template