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Mrs V Crook & Miss E Henley Reception

If you need to speak Mrs Crook or Miss Henley, please make contact via the School Office. Alternatively, send an email to: or

Dinosaur Presentation

Reception were very lucky to have Barney, from Year 4 came down to talk to them about dinosaurs.  He put together a powerpoint presentation for the class and even brought in some fossils for them to see and a game for the children to play.  Thank you Barney.

Reception Zoolab visit


Reception had a great morning learning about different minibeasts, the children had the opportunity to touch and hold some of these amazing creatures.  Take a look at some of our pictures.

RE Theme Day

As part of RE theme day, Reception learnt about why we celebrate Christmas.  The children learnt about why Jesus is so special to many people, they looked at some images of Jesus as an adult doing incredible things, for example, healing the sick and feeding many people.


The children had great fun re-enacting the Christmas Story with lots of dressing up and props.  Afterwards, they made Christingles and talked about what each part of the Christingle represents and then attended a church service in the afternoon.

Going on a Bear Hunt


We read the story 'We're Going on a Bear Hunt' and had great fun recreating our own bear hunt around the school.  We created artwork to show the order of the story and even went on a Maths style bear hunt, solving problems.

Colourful Fun Run, 28/09/18

Colourful Fun Run, 28/09/18 1