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Our Dinosaur Eggs

We were so excited to have found dinosaur eggs in our classroom.  We looked at them closely and talked about what they were like.  We made a nest for them so they would hatch.

We were very excited when the eggs did finally hatch, however the dinosaurs were nowhere to be seen, they were missing!  We did everything possible to try and find them including creating missing posters, putting up signs, making dinosaur traps, building a nest and taking pictures of clues.  We even made camouflaged outfits to go hunting for the missing dinosaurs!

We were pleased to discover that a member of the public had found our dinosaurs and taken them to the Natural History Museum.   The museum phoned and left a message for us to say they were all safe and well and that they would look after our dinosaurs.

We have all really enjoyed learning about dinosaurs this term!
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