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Our Vision for St John's

Our Vision for St John’s


Nurturing potential within a Christian ethos


To achieve the vision we :
  •  Provide a balanced and enriched curriculum where every child is supported by first hand experience and encouraged to have a lifelong enthusiasm for learning
  • Provide opportunities in a safe and stimulating environment where all children are challenged to be the best they can be and to take pride in and celebrate personal achievements
  • Encourage pupils to develop lively, enquiring minds with a clear ability to listen attentively, question keenly, negotiate and act honestly
  • Develop pupils’ power of observation, logical thought and communication, especially the capacity to use language and number in a way appropriate to each situation
  • Equip pupils with the skills, knowledge and attitudes which will help them to live adult lives as self-respecting, self-motivated and competent individuals; they should be able to make informed and reasoned choices for themselves, having regard to the needs of others
  •  Enable pupils to learn and appreciate the scale and scope of human achievement, past and present in the arts, sciences and technology, and encourage their own individual creative talents
  • Help pupils to appreciate that education is a life-long process and encourage them to make use of the educational opportunities which are available to them
  • Encourage the development of moral and spiritual values; base life and behaviour upon a respect and understanding towards other races, religions and cultures
  • Encourage children to understand and care for the environment
  • Develop personal moral values through the teachings of the Christian faith and understanding and respect of beliefs and culture
  • Develop a supportive partnership within our community so that children can become positive role models and productive members of the local and global community