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School Leadership and Management



The Headteacher is accountable to the Governing body and is responsible for the:-


  • Day to day running of the school.
  • Implementation of School policies.
  • Implementation of the school curriculum.


Governing body


The Governing body has three main responsibilities:-



The governing body sets out the aims and overall objectives of the school, looking at how it should best develop. This is achieved through the agreement of the annual school improvement plan which sets out the school’s priorities for the year, school policies and various targets. These are monitored and reviewed on a regular basis against the stated aims and objectives.


Critical Friend

The governing body works with the Headteacher so that a clear understanding of the challenges faced in managing the school is used in setting the schools aims and objectives. The governing body shall sensitively question and challenge in a positive manner, and it is the governing bodies intent that these challenges will be accepted as a positive input into school management. The governing body sets out to achieve a trusting and mutually respectful relationship between the governing body and the school leadership team.



The school has many stakeholders – the primary ones being the pupils. The governing body shall adopt a professional attitude and ensure that its’ competence and efforts are used collectively to deliver benefit to the schools pupils and other stakeholders


The governing body is accountable and answerable to the pupils’ parents/carers, and the wider community. The governing body has numerous statutory responsibilities including being responsible for the conduct of the school.


There are various school policies and processes that support the specific responsibilities of the governing body within St John’s. The governing body sets the school’s policies and targets, and regularly monitors and evaluates how the school meets its objectives and targets.