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Curriculum and Classroom Links

Curriculum and classroom links

Governors each have curriculum links and each class group also has a governor linked to it. The purpose of link visits is to foster good relationships with the staff and pupils and to fulfil the governing body obligation to monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of the school and its’ curriculum. During these visits we do not, however, make judgements about the quality of teaching or the progress of individual children.
Governors have a target to get in to school a minimum of once per year to meet their curriculum and classroom links and have to prepare written reports on each visit and then provide feedback to the rest of the governing body. The curriculum and classroom links are as follows


Classroom Links

Curriculum Links


Miss Henley / Mrs Crook

Martin Scoble



Collective Worship

Ann Eden

Year 1

Mrs Rae / Mrs Farrell

Mike Piercy



ICT/ e-safety/ GDPR/ FOI

Mike Piercy

Year 2

Mrs Freeman

Ruth Wingrove


Educational Visits


Year 3/4

Mrs Dales

Ann Eden

Pupil Council

Governor Development


Rebecca London

Year 3/4

Miss Hughes / Mrs Robinson

Mike Drewett


Pupil Premium


Martin Scoble

Year 3/4

Miss Moulder

Rebecca London


Early Years



Year 5/6

Mrs Moss

Caroline Gulliver


Child Protection


Ruth Wingrove

Year 5/6

Mrs Rodbourne

Sara O'Connor

Equality & Diversity


PA Link

Sara O'Connor

Year 5/6

Mrs Thomas

Anthony Wiles



PSHE & Citizenship

Tony Bundock