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Easter Prayers


By Pupils of St John’s School



Dear Lord, 

Help us to remember that Jesus sacrificed his own life for us. Help us to understand the true meaning of Easter. Let us turn over a new leaf and wash away our sins. 


Milly, Year 6


Dear God 

Thank you for supporting us through these rough times and also for preparing us for Easter. Thank you for guiding me along the right path and as we pray, we will pray together as one. Easter is a very memorable time and as we keep moving forward with the power of God by our sides 


Edward, Year 6


Our Lord, 

Thank you for everything you give us at this time of year, help us remember the true meaning of Easter. Teach us to follow in your footsteps. 




Our Father, 

Thank you for teaching us to stay hopeful and kind throughout these difficult times. Help us to keep on going the way we are and to always respect one another. Remind us that this will not be easy but we can stick through this together. 


Emily, Year 6