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Miss N Moulder Year 3/4

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English Homework - 5.2.20

Egyptian Theme Week


This term our focus for theme week was Ancient Egypt. We learnt all about how different daily life would have been and looked at the jobs and structure of the times. We also learnt how to spell our names in hieroglyphics and designed and created our own cartouches using clay. We listened to different Egyptian myths and used these to help us create our own mythical creature that we added to our own myths. We finished the week learning all about the Egyptian after life, the processes involved in mummification as well as listening to Tutankhamun's story.

Theme Week


Our focus for theme week this term was poetry. As a class we came up with lots of different ideas from creating our poems, researching poets, performing poems, designing art to compliment poems as well as making paper to write our own poems on. We all had a great time exploring poetry in different ways. 

Times Tables Games


In science we have been identifying the bones that make up our own skeletons. We have discussed the names for the different bones and tried to place them in the correct place.

Autumn Term Outline of work