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Physical Education

At St John’s we believe PE and sport to be an important part of children’s education. It is within schools that young people first learn and adopt healthy sporting habits. It provides lessons in team spirit, good sportsmanship, playing with rules, self-discipline and dedication which we believe are important to the children as they grow older.
Through sport, young people come to appreciate the long term benefits of regular exercise and are able to make informed decisions about adopting healthy and active lifestyles in future years.
At St John’s all children have access to two hours of PE and sport within the curriculum, ranging from athletics, gymnastics and dance, to football, netball and tennis. Younger children are encouraged to acquire skills and co-ordination which develop as they grow older into more formal team games. 
During lunchtimes and after school we aim to offer a wide range of extra-curricular sporting activities which include football, netball, gymnastics, hockey, rounders, athletics, and cricket.