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The aim of PSHE teaching  at St. John’s School is to develop every child as an individual, facilitating academic and social learning so that children of all abilities can achieve their full potential and enjoy learning, thereby developing as confident, enquiring and independent members of society. Through our broad PSHE programme, we aim to develop children’s social skills of tolerance and consideration, mutual respect and care to complement our school’s ethos and British Values. This programme supports our children to ultimately become informed, active and responsible citizens.

Children will be able to reflect on their own experiences and develop an awareness of their personal and social development within a community. The PSHE programme supports children’s spiritual, moral, social and cultural development.


Teaching & Learning

We use a scheme of work from the PSHE Association as the basis for our curriculum planning in PSHE. We ensure that there are opportunities for children of all abilities to develop their skills and knowledge in each unit and we build planned progression into the scheme of work so that the children are increasingly challenged as they move up through the school.  From 2019, Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) became statutory in all schools and our programme supports the delivery of this aspect of the PSHE curriculum.