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At St John’s we have three main aims in our science teaching:

  • To help children develop their knowledge of scientific concepts and phenomena
  • To enable children to develop their scientific enquiry skills
  • To harness children’s curiosity about the world in which we live encourage them to ask questions and look for answers 


Teaching & Learning

We use the National Curriculum to plan science lessons.   Year groups are taught the units of work recommended by the National Curriculum Programmes of Study, or mixed year groups are taught these over a two-year rolling programme. This ensures all children are taught the full coverage of the National Curriculum. 

In The Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1, science has a largely cross-curricular focus.  Children are encouraged to explore, and links are made between science and other subjects.  In Key Stage 2 this approach is continued where possible.  Whether taught in a cross-curricular way, or as discrete scientific units of work, children throughout the school are encouraged to ask and answer questions and think creatively as part of their scientific learning. 

Children at St John’s develop their understanding of scientific knowledge and enquiry skills through:

  • discussion and group work
  • individual work
  • carrying out investigative science
  • using ICT and other secondary sources
  • science themed days
  • school visits with a science focus

At St John’s, emphasis is placed on an investigative approach to Science. An extensive range of science equipment is available and we use our school grounds as an extension to the classroom for teaching about the environment.

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